Holy Week and Easter 2017
Sunday April 9th  - Palm Sunday 
             	Procession with palms and Holy Eucharist 
	with the Passion Narrative 
Chapel of Ease  	  9:00 am
St Peter’s  		11:00 am
Tuesday April 11th      Diocesan Chrism Service 
	For all those with the Bishop’s license to minister in the 
		Church: Priests, Deacons, Lay Readers, Chalice Administrators, etc,
	         		At the Cathedral 7:00 pm
April 13th	                    Maundy Thursday
	Holy Eucharist with Stripping of the Altar
		Chapel of Ease 	6:30 pm
St Peter’s   		7:30 pm
April 14th		            Good Friday
		Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 
			Chapel of Ease     9:00 a.m.
			St Peter’s   	       10:00 am
 	       	“Jesus’s Walk to Calvary” 
                                beginning at 11:00 am 
			 from Ebenezer Methodist Church
Sunday April 16th         Easter Day 
		Easter Eucharist
        		Chapel of Ease  	  9:00 am
                    		St Peter’s          	11:00 am with Their Majesties Choristers








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Excellence in Culutural Tourism Acknowledged!


St Peter’s is abundantly pleased to be recognised with a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, for a second year!


The church welcomes visitors daily from all walks of life who are enamored by the story and architecture of this iconic piece of world and Bermuda history.


We are most grateful to our dependable and diligent volunteers whose warm hospitality in no short measure creates the welcoming atmoshphere that we enjoy here at Their Majesties Chappell.








Queen’s Birthday Service


12 June 2016


St Peter’s




St Peter’s held a special service to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and it was a great success!


Their Majesties Choristers were present to lend their vocal talents, and the service was well-attended by much of the community!


A special birthday greeting was recorded where everyone sang happy birthday to the Queen, which is to be sent to Her Majesty.


Thank-you to the Premier, the Governor, the Mayor of St George’s and everyone who came to be a part of the service!









to our new Choirmaster


Rajai Denbrook


The Choirmaster of The Choristers,  Mr Rajai Denbrook, is a through and through St Georgian, who has been performing as a vocalist and actor for most of his life. He performs and continues to train as a classical operatic baritone, and he’s also an artist-educator with a specialist degree in Drama from the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


He’s been a part of a number of choral groups over the last nineteen years, including the distinguished Roundhouse Choir in London, and a locally based group, Proclaim It!, of which he’s still an active member. Most recently he could be seen playing Harpo in Troika Bermuda’s acclaimed production of The Color Purple.


Rajai is a sensitive teacher who genuinely cares about his students as young artists and people. He’s excited by the opportunity to work with the budding talent of his home communities of St George’s and St David’s, and the chance to continue to develop Their Majesties Choristers into a world-class training opportunity for young vocalists.





For application forms

or more information

please contact the Choirmaster, Mr Rajai Denbrook,

 or the Rev’d David Raths

at St Peter’s office:

441-297-2459 or e-mail:


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The Annual

Blessing of the Boats


28 May 2017


The Chapel of Ease


In 2016 an excellent time was had by all, and quite a number of vessels were blessed, at the annual Blessing of the Boats.


After the service, the Bishop and Canon Raths enjoyed a ride around St George’s harbour where the Bishop stopped at vessels to bless them.    Thank-you to all who assisted with this traditional service!


The Salvation Army band of the St George’s Corps was also present to lend their musical gifts and bring the service to life.









The service is held on the Chapel of Ease dock with the Rt Revd Bishop Nicholas Dill co-officiating with our parish Incumbent, the Revd Canon David Raths, after being rowed from St George’s respectively by the Bermuda Pilot Gig Club in Harry Fox, and by members of the TS Admiral Somers Sea Cadets in Lady Stockton.

























25 February 2017


St Peter’s Churchyard


Annual Commemoration of Midshipman Richard Sutherland Dale, USN

(died 22 Feb 1815)




This was a Friends event.



In 2016 the commemoration saw the unveiling of a new memorial plaque that was placed on top of the original. New, clear lettering allowed for the story to be read by all.


The new memorial was sponsored by Captain John Rodgaard of the US Naval Order and by The Friends of St Peter’s Church.  The ceremony commenced with a talk on St George’s Town Square near the Butterfield Bank building at 5 pm with a walk to the Churchyard for the service at 5.30 pm.


A dinner at Griffin’s Restaurant followed and the guest speaker was Captain Rodgaard. An auction followed the dinner and raised funds to assist the Friends of St Peter’s in their mission of preserving and promoting the church.



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28 Jan 2016

St Peter’s


a British vocal ensemble


30 Jan 2016                    

St Peter’s






St Peter’s was honoured to be asked to host two muiscal evenings during the Bermuda Festival’s 2016 programme.


Voice, a British vocal trio, and the Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra Quartet both gave world-class performances.


Thank-you to all who were a part of the audiences, and to the Bermuda Festival for considering Their Majesties Chappell as a platform for the fine arts in Bermuda.








Their Majesties Choristers performed in public for the first time on St Peter’s Sunday, 28th June, 2015


Anglican Bishop of Bermuda, the Rt Rev Nicholas Dill led the service and delivered the sermon. Special guest was Mrs George Fergusson, wife of His Excellency the Governor of Bermuda. They have kindly agreed to be patrons of The Choristers. The Mayor of St George’s, Ms Quinell Francis was in attendance.


The church was filled with supporters and family members eager to hear the youngsters sing under the guidance of then choirmaster Martin Pastor. Incumbent, Rev. W. David Raths was enthusiastic about the event saying that the children ‘sang their hearts out’ and ‘rose to the challenge’. After a summer break, it is anticipated the Choristers will sing at St Peter’s on a monthly basis and on special occasions.


The choir robes were kindly donated by Marjorie Pettit and fitted by Jean Masters.


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Congratulations Canon Raths!


At the 20 June 2015 General Meeting of the Diocesan Synod, the Bishop of Bermuda, The Rt Rev Nicholas Dill was pleased to announce that he is conferring the title of Canon on the Rev W David Raths. This honour is awarded in recognition of distinguished service to the Diocese of Bermuda. A service of Collation and Installation will be held in the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity at a later date.


For the past 10 years Canon Raths has served as pastor in the parish of St George's. He is responsible for the cure of three congregations, St Peter's and the daughter chapels of St Peter's West and Chapel of Ease. Canon Raths has served on several Diocesan committees including the Synod Standing Committee, the Evangelism and Education Committee and Search Committees charged with filling vacancies in the Diocese. He has also served as Secretary of the Bermuda Church Society. Additionally, Canon Raths recently served as Chaplain to the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

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A Double Blessing for the Parish at a special service on 2 March 2015, the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Well known Parish Worker Grace Rawlins was licensed as a lay reader by Bishop Nicolas Dill.


The only child of Joseph and Mary Carmichael, Grace was educated at the Berkeley Institute and Morgan State College and Pratt Institute in the United States.  Trained as a Librarian she worked for a time in the New York Public Library before joining the staff of the Bermuda National Library where she rose to become Head Librarian.  She was then appointed Director of the Departments of Community & Cultural Affairs. She retired from the Civil Service after serving for 34 years

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Always active in the Anglican Church, Grace and her family joined the Chapel of Ease in 1979 after moving to St David’s. Grace has been a member of the Choir and the Guild as well as Secretary to the Council.  In 1986 she was licensed to administer the Chalice and several years later was licensed as a Parish Worker.   She currently also serves as the Secretary to the Synod and the Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of Bermuda. In March 2015 she was licensed by Bishop Nicholas Dill as a Diocesan Lay Reader.   Grace enjoys the dramatic arts and for many years has performed in “Mosaic”, an amateur company led by Ruth Thomas, which specializes in portraying Bermuda’s history.  


Congratulations Mama Grace!

At the same service, Dylan Holshouser received a Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition of Ministry in the Church from Bishop Dill and will officially be a Eucharistic Minister on his eighteenth birthday in July, although he recently acted in that capacity on Easter Sunday.

Dylan began his service in the church as an Acolyte at Chapel of Ease before he was 13 years old and has since then been watching his mother and other licensed  Eucharistic Ministers serve the Eucharist and saw no reason that he shouldn’t go the next step as “I was already doing everything other than actually serving the Eucharist.”   Great Job Dylan!

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A New Children’s Choir for Bermuda


An opportunity for the children of St George’s and St David’s to receive vocal and choral training of professional caliber, at no cost to their families.


The aim is to help the children to develop musically, chorally and intellectually through training and performance, augmenting and enhancing school music programmes.


The choir is meant to consist of approximately 30 children in Grades P1 - M1, drawn firstly from the schools in St George’s Parish.


Their Majesties Choristers is based at St Peter’s Church, presenting concerts there as well as participating in its worship on special occasions.


Rehearsals take place Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. at St Peter’s in the Edith Clair Spencer Hall.


St Peter’s Church is an associate member of the Royal School of Church Music and thereby has access to all of its many resources, publications, music and training opportunities for choirs and individual singers, directors and organists.



Through the granting by Queen Elizabeth II of the royal title “Their Majesties Chappell” in 2012, St Peter’s Church enjoys a close relationship with Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal.  It is hoped that someday our choristers may be able to exchange visits with the choristers of the Chapel Royal.

A Message From

The Rt Rev’d Nicholas Dill

Bishop of Bermuda


Description: has the greatest capacity to unite, to teach, to lift the spirits and enable the imagination to soar. It builds self-discipline, self-confidence, a sense of community and a participation in the creation of beauty and harmony. Sacred music connects the earthly to the heavenly - the human voice combining with the angelic voices in praise of God is a high calling indeed! 


It is with these thoughts in mind that I write to say how excited I have been to hear of the intent to establish 'Their Majesties' Choristers' at St. Peter's Church in the Town of St George. Having witnessed the benefits of being part of a youth choir in my own children, I know that this venture presents a unique opportunity to encourage young people, develop character and to promote the Church, the town of St. George's and to showcase Bermuda's multicultural musical talent to the world.


I wish all those involved every success. I would like to encourage all those young people who will sing to take a risk, to give of their best, to work together and to enjoy the challenge that being part of Their Majesties' Choristers will bring them. 


”Music, the greatest good that mortals know, and all of heaven we have below" - Joseph Addison 1672-1719


Bishop Nick Dill





Parish office: 33 Duke of York Street, St George’s GE 05

Telephone: 297-2459 - Website: